RF Plugs, Jacks and Meter Switches

Plugs and jacks (“J-Plugs”) are used in antenna tuning units and other RF assemblies to provide convenient points of entry into circuits for meters and RF bridge measurements, or to reconfigure circuits. LBA Technology plug and jack hardware is constructed of silver plated heavy gauge brass and copper. Generous mounting pads are provided for low resistance connection of circuit elements. Plugs are provided with insulated handles and fingerholds. Insulation is typically melamine or G-10 epoxy for excellent RF and mechanical characteristics.

Standard jacks are provided in two, three, or four terminal configurations, in high and low voltage ratings. High voltage jacks carry a 60 amp rating and should be used in circuits above 10 kV at 30 amps. Special order configurations with more terminals, higher ratings, and interlocks are available.

Standard four terminal jacks are typically used with a meter plug and hand plug to permit “make-before-break” insertion of RF meters. This function can also be supplied through a manual meter switch.

A special jack is furnished for “make-before-break” insertion of Delta OIB-series RF bridges into circuits. A companion plug assembly provides for attachment of bridge leads or RF ampmeter. This assembly incorporates coin silver contacts for reliable, long life.




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